EVE LOM Travel Essentials Set

EVE LOM Travel Essentials Set

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Stowaway sizes of our cult favorite, multi-tasking skin care products. Arrive at your destination refreshed and glowing without the hassle!

How to use:

1. Cleanser. The first step to radiant skin. A multi-benefit, 5-in-1 product, the iconic Eve Lom Cleanser is a pioneering balm formula, containing a unique, signature blend of 4 AROMATIC OILS to cleanse, hydrate, tone, exfoliate and removes every trace of make-up- use with 100% cotton Muslin Cloth included.

2. Essence with Liposome Encapsulated Retinol. An effortless, essential step in a water-light form to reveal skin??s optimal radiance through the power of nine hyper-active, anti-ageing ingredients plus a safe, gentle but very effective Vitamin A derivative for visibly radiant, smooth and hydrated skin.

3. Moisture Cream. Daily multi-tasking face moisturizer, with a next generation hyaluronic acid, helps keep skin hydrated for up to 72 hours after use.

Cleanser: Step 1. Apply Cleanser To The Face Using Circular Movements. Dip The Muslin Cloth In Hot Water And Wring Out. Press Onto The Face And Hold For 5 Seconds. Repeat 3 Times. Rin

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