About Us

Dawn Sanders 

 General Manager/ Co- founder at Perfect Appearance. Dawn Sanders is a highly accomplished General Manager with over 20 years of experience in restructuring and improving organizational presence, profitability and performance through the create and execution of sales , marketing and merchandising strategies. Known in the cosmetics industry as the “turn - around expert “ , Dawn has taken on various companies. These include niche brands like Eve Lom, and Tracie Martyn; iconic heritage brands such as Estee Lauder and Shiseido; and , finally , fragrance brands such as Bond No 9 and Creed. Dawn has always gone “ above and beyond” in her approach to meeting challenges and therefore has a solid track record of success in exceeding corporate expectations in highly competitive markets.


A leader in prestige omni-retail, our purpose at P & A BOUTIQUE is to create an inviting beauty shopping experience and inspire fearlessness in our community. Through our continued expertise, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit, P & A BOUTIQUE encourages clients to explore the universe of beauty and wellness with an unbiased approach to experiential retail.

We were founded in 2012 on the idea of providing beauty needs in one location, saving customers time and making them feel beautiful. At that time, P & A BOUTIQUE was the retail company. Today, Beauty Brands has become a true home for beauty. A place where the beauty within is celebrated. A place that houses all things hair, makeup, skin and nails, plus knowledgeable associates to guide you along your beauty journey.

How We Do It
From our hands to yours, we work with couriers US to guarantee your product reaches you in the shortest amount of time possible in a safe way. If you have any doubts, you can always reach out to our customer support team or our product specialists, we'll be glad to make this experience the most positive one.

Our Ethos
Firstly, we rely on science as we do on a firm belief that our role isn't to chase every beauty trend, but to improve your life. Our combined years of experience in health and retail allow us to provide the best solutions for your specific case. You can always trust us to recommend the best solution for you.

Secondly, we only work with brands that have proven their efficacy and that we know produce genuine and effective products.

All our products come from US, are 100% original and purchased directly from the manufacturers themselves or authorized distributors. This is our guarantee. We are aware that any online store should be trustworthy and reliable. For this reason, we provide you with all the information and we guarantee dedicated and efficient customer service. Feel free to check reviews in our social media to find out how many customers have trusted us.